Chartered Counselling Psychologist

& Psychotherapist

Dr Sherylin Thompson

Counselling Canary Wharf

Unit 68 Cannon Workshops

Cannon Drive

Canary Wharf

London E14 4AS          


     07940 516 806


Skype: sherylin.thompson


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Canary Wharf E14


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Life is full of challenges – bringing a range of emotions from triumph to despair. Change, welcomed or dreaded, is always just around the corner. Challenges and change can bring fantastic opportunities and they can also bring anxiety, loss and deep uncertainty. Whatever the proverbial winds of change bring, it is temporary. Just like the clouds, nothing is exactly the same again.


Sometimes we long for personal change that will release us from the same old struggles coming up again and again. Sometimes we cling to what is familiar, even if painful, just because it is better than the unknown.


Counselling, psychology and psychotherapy can help you manage the difficulties that you face right now – be they overwhelming or just a niggling worry. It can also help you understand the roots of problems that hold you stuck or keep you circling in a confusing whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and behaviour.


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